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Is Hypnosis Safe?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Not only is hypnosis safe, it can also be therapeutic, healing and life changing.

For anyone new to Hypnosis, you might be a little hesitant or you might be wondering if hypnosis is safe. Contrary to popular myths compounded by films, television and stage hypnosis  there is a Science behind Hypnosis and the truth is : You Can Never Be Forced To Do Anything You Don’t Want To Do While You Are In Hypnosis .Otherwise different world leaders would use hypnosis all the time, but they don't.

In fact, hypnosis is a normal, altered state of consciousness, a state of focused concentration, of the sort many of us experience every day. We are in and out of hypnotic state several times a day and come out of that same state quite naturally. Have you ever driven for some distance as if on auto pilot, then wondered how it happened? Another example is when you are relaxed watching a movie and your concentration is so intense that you are not distracted by outside noises or other stimuli, you are in fact in a light state of hypnosis.

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis in that you, the client, is always in control and therefore remains consciously aware at all times.

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