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"Having a Past Life Regression is a life changing experience, especially if you have a specific issue that you want to clear and heal. Dealing with aggressive people was always a very big issue for me and I simply wasn’t able to deal with it. I had this strong feeling that it was from another life (one more than one lifetime), and I was right.


Having this session with Marie, leading me through difficult experiences and helped me make the connections between those experiences and my present life, and heal and liberate them. Since then, I feel that something changed, for example, without expecting to, somehow agressive persons with whom I relate to, changed their energy towards me. I think this work is really powerfull in a profound way, sometimes even subtle but you know that something changed. 


I really recommend doing a Past Life Regression with Marie. You can feel her love for this work, and that’s a very transformational human tool.  

  A.D. Portugal


Wow! First, I will say I am so grateful and fortunate to connect with Marie. She is a beautiful soul, enlightening, positive and an overall incredible person to know. Through our connection, I learned that she offers many services/gifts and I decided to do a Past Lives Exploration with her as I had never experienced that before. I am very spiritual and was excited to take that journey. From our first discussion through the recap, Marie was an amazing guide who made me feel comfortable and safe. She explained how it worked, what she would be asking and after we talked about what I saw. It was an easy, interesting and energy filled experience. There are not enough words to express how greatly I have benefited over the years from using tools/gifts that people like Marie share. Clarity and confidence are two words that I know many people are looking to enhance. Marie’s Past Lives Exploration added more to my clarity and confidence buckets. I would highly recommend taking this journey with Marie or connecting with her to work on a 1 to 1 basis or explore the other services she offers.


Melinda Van Fleet- Author, Business Coach, Speaker, Florida, USA

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ~SELF CONFIDENCE


"It was an amazing experience and a highly positive and surprising result after an RTT session with Marie. I was dealing with an old patern of lack of self confidence while doing my job, where I was dealing with a new tool. I was feeling that I wasn’t good enough to do that job. While conducting the session, Marie had a very focused, assertive, clear and loving attitude which gave me the confidence that I was in very good hands. She also transmited me the energy of faith in my potential to change and that made a huge turning point in my life. The old pattern has totally gone. It’s amazing. 


I really recomend this work with Marie. She really knows what she’s doing with a very professional knowledge and also a personal ability and sensitivity to get to the human being that’s in front of her. 


If you want to be a better person in any aspect of your life, please give yourself this opportunity of working with Marie. 

A.D.  Portugal

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Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) ~ MEMORY LOSS

"I want to thank you so much, Marie, for an awesome hypnotherapy session! I had been struggling with memory loss for a long time and you knew where to lead to find the root cause of my problem, which was truly fascinating! I would have never figured it out on my own. 

I loved the whole process and you were really on target with the personalized transformational recording you made for me, that really worked well to re-wire my thought process. 

Now I am enjoying my newly improved memory and I especially love easily remembering people's names. 

G.S,  New Jersey, USA 


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ~ MONEY BLOCKS


"I went to see Marie as I had some patterns of behaviour with money that I was concerned about. I would keep seeing the same old money patterns repeating themselves time and time again and I wanted to know what this was all about so that I could change how I behaved when it came to money and abundance in my life.


I decided to work with Marie because she just got me from the first time we talked. I have had trouble articulating this money block to others but she understood very quickly what my issue was and even gave me some things to think about on my initial call. Marie is a lovely lady, she has a good manner and put me at ease on the first call. I trusted her to get to the bottom of this.

I really enjoyed working with Marie, she took the time and was very diligent in our session, she looked into everything and we got to the bottom of my problem. 


Since then, I am seeing very positive changes, my mindset around money has changed which means no anxiety around spending and a real feeling that things are going to be good for me. Which has meant more productivity, clarity and a change of direction in my business, which in time will bring in more revenue.


I would absolutely recommend working with Marie. If you are thinking about it, just go ahead and book you will honestly be transformational. 

Thank you Marie"


Paula, London, United Kingdom

Rapid Transformational Therapy- PREGNANCY


Where to start...From the very first time we talked during our initial conversation, I felt at ease with Marie. She was so professional but with this caring voice and relaxed confidence that just made me open up. I had some anxiety around not "deserving" being and I was worried I would miscarriage.

 I ended up getting pregnant and I was so happy, and working with Marie helped me feel more relaxed

and more positive. Last week I had my first ultrasound and everything is great! My baby is growing and we heard the heartbeat! I highly recommend Marie for whatever issue you are encountering in your life. Just talk to her and check for yourself

Monica, California, USA



I highly recommend a Past-Life Exploration with Marie Faulkner.


Marie is a consummate professional. She expertly led me through a number of past lives, which revealed a through line that connected them all. For some years I had been troubled by a past-life memory that was painfully frightening. It needed resolution, but the memory of pain kept me from revisiting and resolving on my own. After our session I felt more peace and understanding about those memories. In the ensuing weeks the information further integrated into my psyche, so that I was able to connect even more dots. Those particular past-life experiences are directly connected to my purpose and mission, expanding upon and illuminating who I know myself to be. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Do yourself a favor and schedule a Past-Life Exploration with Marie Faulkner today.

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RTT & Coaching Program  

"I was referred to Marie through a colleague and will be forever grateful for making the introduction. My work with Marie included an initial hypnotism process and then later I took a three-month coaching program which Marie customized to my unique needs. I worried about the costs initially and had reservations around the process and later found out I could not have afforded NOT to do this work. Let's just say 2020 was the most difficult year this 53-year-old had ever experienced and every one of my past challenges in life reared their ugly head.


As it turns out, 2020 was also a gift and without the dedicated approach that Marie brought to this process I would never had understood how lucky I was to have all this happen at one time. You see, Marie showed me not only how manage, but to thrive with an understanding of myself that I never thought was possible. I truly feel like the best is yet to come and have had friends say to me at the end of my time with Marie that they barely recognize me. Ultimately it is all about learning to truly embrace and live in a place of your higher self and yet it so much more than that. The key to the success of this program is also being willing to do the work, to be completely honest with yourself, and to trust Marie. When the course is over you also absolutely need to continue to do the work. I made a binder that included every correspondence and I still use this binder to refer back to the various techniques learned to move beyond my own thinking. In the end, what Marie can do for you is walk you through your own journey in a way that really works.


I would highly recommend you work with Marie, trust the process, and the make the commitment to yourself. The experience has been transformational for me and I live every day in gratitude for this experience, for having gone through the hell that was 2020 and for future. Perhaps most important, I live for today and have learned the value of being truly present.

John Brooman, Ottawa, Canada

Debbra Lupien, USA

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Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)


RTT with Marie Faulkner has been a miraculous discovery. I broke a leg (not theatre-like…alas) whilst playing tennis two summers ago. After going to therapy with Marie I fully recovered in a matter of months.


As an engineer, I tried to find a scientific explanation to everything I was learning about RTT. Marie taught me to let go and focus on the power of my mind to do the work. Back to the incident, I got injured exactly four weeks before I had an important business trip to attend in the Far East. Whilst in hospital, doctors told me that I would not recover until the end of the Autumn and that my intense business itinerary in APJ had to be cancelled. If I decided to carry on with it, I could risk causing severe damage to my leg (thrombosis).


Marie helped me prepare for the trip, but more importantly, programmed me to heal faster, better, and permanently via RTT.


I ended up going to Japan and South Korea, and had successful business meetings for over three weeks. In less than four months I was playing tennis again in Canada, right by the end of the Autumn. Needless to say, Marie is part of the family now. This is not just  because of the incredibly talented work she does for us, but also because of her kind and caring nature. She takes care of us as family. We cherish her day-to-day teachings, and thank Mother Nature for bestowing the power of wisdom in special people like Marie Faulkner. When people speak of angels on earth walking amongst us, a mathematical part of me reminds me of Marie. My mind does remember the pain and that hot hospital room in the middle of the summer with a wheelchair beside my bed. It also does remember Marie’s voice, her recordings and teachings. When I think of it, I know that I wasn’t alone. After all, how could I have been, for I had a guiding angel helping me get through it. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) - ASTHMA 



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