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Other Lives Exploration Therapy

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Marie Faulkner (left) and Dr. Brian L.Wiess (right) 

Marie's uses hypnosis as the main technique to help clients access other life memories. Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration where you are not distracted by outside noise but still consciously aware of the experience.


It is not necessary to relive the pain or trauma of a past life to reap the therapeutic healing benefits since observing the memory is equally insightful, and in many cases, providing the understanding that sheds light on your current life experience.

Other lives regession sessions can help you see and understand the limiting patterns of our lives, and their roots in an endless repetive cycle that traps us in unconscious behaviors.  

For some people, simply viewing a past life is therapeutic enough to understand and release old trauma and experience permanent relief of a physical or emotional ailment, a limiting belief or even the dissapearance of a phobia or fear. 

Other lives exploration therapy can also help you understand more profoundly, the mind-body-spirit connection and how we, as evolved souls are responsible for creating our reality for our own spiritual growth.



Image by Mohamad Mahdi Abbasi
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