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Symbolic Meaning of the Solar Eclipse

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

When I created Oracle Soul Talk, I wanted a powerful

image that would capture the essence of personal growth and transformation. The solar eclipse was the perfect imagery I was looking for Oracle Soul Talk.

Apparently a solar eclipse can only happen at the new moon, a favorable time to set new intentions.

During a total solar eclipse, the sun is covered by the moon seemingly casting a shadow on our lives that perhaps gets us in touch with our own divinity- giving us the urge to change and grow towards light and love.

This metaphor expresses well my healing practice, of helping people reconnect with their higher power to transform their lives for the better.

Solar eclipes symbolize a time of rapid change, when we are driven to face change, in a way that might be uncomfortable. An opportunity to look at the shadow side of ourself so that we may emerge from the other side, with a new enlightened perspective -

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